Sunday, September 04, 2016


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If Joe had to go, at least this was a high note to go out on.

This dude was LOST after the Clash.  The other Mescaleros work was so-so (as was his work with BAD), Earthquake Weather was meh, I never really gave a shit about the Pogues and his soundtrack work was spotty at best.....

Actually, Walker was pretty awesome, although I've always wondered how much Joe actually had to do with the song arrangements on that one.  Mick was always the one who handled the musical end of things in the Clash, it seems to me.

And Mick and Joe, man.....  It still amazes me how two such talented people who worked so great together were both so insanely insecure and so easily swayed by criticism and public opinion.  When were they ever NOT on the defensive about the Clash's music?  Making music in the age of internet trolls would've pushed them both over the edge.

Image result for sandinista the clashAnd I will gladly go on the record as saying that SANDINISTA! is just as much a five-star record as The Clash or London Calling.  That thing KICKS ASS.  Sure it's got "Mensforth Hill" and the kids singing, but The Clash had "Protex Blue" and "Hate & War" and "Remote Control", and LC had "I'm Not Down" and "Lover's Rock" (and I've never really been a  fan of "Spanish Bombs").  All the crazy dub stuff on sides 5 and 6, tho?  Very cool.  That album creates its own world. 

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