Saturday, September 03, 2016


My main squeeze discovered her.  Amazing work. 
Van Gogh-esque, but she still has her own thing going.

Autumn aspen oil painting for Hanson's The Orange Show in The Erin Hanson Gallery, October 2016.

Crystal Light series oil painting dramatic colorful landscape in a new style by Erin Hanson.

Crystal Light series oil painting dramatic landscape with tree shadows, by Erin Hanson.

Contemporary expressionism modern masterpiece Texas landscape painting by Erin Hanson

A contemporary expressionist landscape oil painting by modern artist Erin Hanson.

Dramatic aspen painting from Utah National Park, Cedar Breaks, by contemporary artist Erin Hanson.

Contemporary painting of Monterey 17-mile drive, by Erin Hanson.

Vivid impressionistic color oil painting landscape by contemporary artist Erin Hanson

A new Crystal Light series original oil painting for art collecting, by artist Erin Hanson.

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