Saturday, April 22, 2017


Coming from a long line of alcoholics and party animals, I've chosen to take the road less travelled and not drink.  Basically, alcohol dulls the overwhelming bitter rage that's so necessary to my chosen profession of OBSCURE MIDDLE-AGED ANGRY POET.

Still, me and Dawn like to visit the swanky grocery store in the next town over and look at all of their exotic foods and kitchen utensils from time to time, and we love checking out their hand-crafted ale & micro-brewery section while we're there.

Remember all the folks who (rightfully) argued that by using colorful packaging and cartoonish characters like Joe Camel that cigarette manufacturers were trying to lure young children into the world of smoking?  Where are these clowns now?  I love the artwork that the small breweries use but, dammit, how are young kids not being targeted by this colorful zaniness?

Still, I gotta respect ARROGANT BASTARD ALE, and any company that uses Steadman for its artwork.

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