Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Looks like they have some new stuff, but it's priced pretty steep, so I haven't heard it yet.  Do yourself a favor, shell out the $7.77 for 2007's THE SILVER ALBUM, call it a start, we'll all go home happy.  All the good keywords are there, and they mesh together quite nicely - "shoegaze", "dream pop", "noise rock", "post rock", "experimental" and so on and so on.  Being an American band, they have more bite and grit than many of their UK counterparts.  Being a 21st century band, they run the unfortunate risk of staying unknown outside of their home town and dying a miserable, lonely death.  Such is the fate of many excellent bands in an overcrowded market.  This is good shit, though.  "Drone Refusenik"?  Seriously, what an awesome title, what an awesome piano line.....

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