Saturday, April 22, 2017


There are different agencies in the building I work in.  Mine is one of the more laid back groups, but there are others who I would dread working for.  This sign is a perfect example why.  Where I work, if there are objections to someone's odor/personality/general aura, then the person who HAS the problem gets moved to a new work area.  Usually, this person gets pissed because of the move, but it seems like the best idea to me.

If I worked for this particular agency, I would drench my clothing in Old Spice or Brut or Patchouli every morning, just to be a raging dick.  When you're told to watch out because your choice of clothing detergent might cause problems, it's time to assume that the system is broken.

I grew up among heavy smokers, thought I had a bad head cold for the first seventeen years of my life.  Finally got to a smoke-free environment and suddenly I could smell things again, and I wasn't perpetually congested, and my nose wasn't running 24/7. 

So I have limited sympathy for others who whine about perfumes and detergents.

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