Tuesday, April 11, 2017



BIG COUNTRY (many, many things from 1983-1986, not nearly as much from 1991-1993)

CHAMELEONS (a nice career overview, because they never stopped kicking ass in their brief, numbered days)

COMSAT ANGELS (1979-1982, 1986)

CREATURES (a little bit of everything from throughout their career)

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (the classic lineup, most everything from 1979-1987)

JOY DIVISION (most everything from the official releases)

MODERN ENGLISH (1980-1984, and then they shit the bed in a big way)

NEW ORDER (Movement through Substance, and a lot of the non-album single stuff that didn’t make Substance)

OMD (most everything 1979-1983, a handful of things from 1984-1986, thinking about adding some English Electric if it’ll fit)

SIMPLE MINDS (lots from 1979-1984, odds and ends from 1985-1991)

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (a healthy selection from throughout their career)

U2 (pre-Boy singles through The Joshua Tree, and a few tunes from after that)

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Say what you will about U2, but they were post-punk back in the day, despite whatever it was they became after ’84.  And The Joshua Tree will always be a sentimental fave, so screw all the haters.  

Big Country probably isn’t technically post-punk, but they fit in good here.  Plus, I hate technicalities.

Most every band here has had decent re-issues with non-album stuff, so a lot of that is included for everyone except the Creatures.

I’ve had to shuffle things around and move some music off of here due to space constraints, so Durutti Column, Gary Numan, Felt, Death Cult, Tones on Tail and others have been shuffled off to other mp3 players.  No Bauhaus.  I want to like them, but I just can’t.  Too fucking pretentious. 

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Oddly enough, ToT, Love and Rockets and Peter Murphy solo all kick ass.  The sum was actually lesser than the total of its parts.  Go figure.

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