Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Dawn decided that we’ve been spending too much time talking the talk in our artistic endeavors and not enough time walking the walk and, as a result, went down to the local library and set up a joint showing for us in September.

She says she wants to show some of her oil pastels and maybe a few photos, I think I’ll just show a couple of my minimal chromatic abstractions from the winter.  To this end, I upgraded and bought a small electric miter saw to replace my old miter box and hand saw.  We’ll figure out a place to set it up now that the weather is getting nice, and work on some frames this summer.  I like to keep it simple, just thin strips of wood stained black, which should provide a nice contrast to the expanses of the white in the paintings and give a nice definite edge to them.  I did some quick mock-ups of SHROUD and SOMA.

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