Thursday, April 27, 2017


These 70s, 80s and 90s bands that decide to reunite are always a tricky proposition.  I haven’t found any consistency among them - some are bitter disappointments, some are unspectacularly OK, a very few manage to exceed expectations and justify their reconstitution.

Slowdive, luckily, falls into this latter category.  I was happy with the Swervedriver comeback a few years ago, even if it was a little on the mellow side, but this album is just an end-to-end knockout.  It seems to favor the early days of the band more than anything with its gorgeous guitar and feedback washes, but it still manages to sneak in some of Souvlkai’s skewed poppiness and a little bit of Pygmalion’s abstract ambience.  Plus, Rachel sings more than she did on the band’s last recordings of the 90s, which is always a plus.  Neil is fine and all, but the combination of the two is unbeatable.

Other bands of note with Slowdive connections include Monster Movie and Halstead’s Black Hearted Brother (Stars Are Our Home is one fine record).  I like about ½ of the first Mojave 3 album, but lost interest after that.  Way too laid back, and not in an interesting way.

I think the reunion ball is now squarely in Catherine Wheel’s court.

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