Sunday, April 02, 2017


The other location of this restaurant is across the river, next to the college, and it has the same excellent ambience, but Im not gonna lie to you having an Awesome Mexican restaurant that you can just walk to whenever you want is not a gift to be taken lightly.  Personally, I think they were there for a lot longer than they claim, cuz I swear I ate their way back before I was married, but that could just be the drugs talking.

So, me & Dawn stopped by to pay our respects after we heard the news, we lit some candles on the sidewalk, reminisced and cursed the local govt for letting this town slide into the current shithole state it now finds itself in.
Theres an amazing Thai place just down the street from this place, so thats a little consolation, too.  A new Indian place also just opened up, but my food authority at work tells me theyre not spicy enough.  Me & Dawn have plans on going there to see for ourselves.

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