Saturday, July 16, 2016


and so vote for
whichever fucker looks best
taking a bullet because this is big
these sweaty smiling asswipes working
hard to get elected and for what?

not for me, pal, and not
for you, and that’s a given

we live and we die

we work our little jobs we
pay our taxes, fuck other men’s wives
and daughters and does it
matter what we think?

does big business care if we
boycott their bloodsoaked merchandise?

hell no

a million other dickheads will all be
out there buying more of it
than they can afford

money will be exchanged and
massacres carried out in the name of
free enterprise and as long as we have
internet porn, you know?

as long as we have cable tv

just sit back and get good and high

just set your own shitty little
house on fire first and
then move outwards from there

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