Friday, July 22, 2016


I've got some copies laying around somewhere,
I think.
A collaboration w/ D Michael McNamara from 1999,
plain white cover, nothing spectacular.
It was your typical 1990s collaboration,
20 or 25 poems from each of us, alternating.

He approached me about it, then put the
whole thing together.

After he published it, he told me I should join the
writing collective he belonged to.
I figured, why the hell not?
They published a yearly journal of their own work
he said, and some other odds and ends.
I sent him a batch of poems to show to the others and then,
about 3 weeks later,
I got a letter from D telling me that I'd been
unanimously black balled,
and couldn't join the collective.

That is some funny shit.......

Helped turn me into the miserable loner
I am today.

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