Sunday, July 03, 2016

Kosmische Musik

Which is probably a less offensive descriptive than Krautrock, I guess.  For me, Michael Rother is the lynchpin.  Some of his later solo stuff gets a little bland & generic, but the early stuff is aces, as is his work with Neu! and Harmonia.

Harmonia's Live 1974 is just one huge headtrip/mindfuck. 
It. Is. Awesome.

Klaus Dinger, the other member of Neu!, also went on to do some seriously cool shit after that band's demise.  A lot of it was self-indulgent crap unfortunately, but when he was on, HE WAS ON.  The first few La Dusseldorf albums (especially the first) are most excellent. 

Why would I lie?

Live 1974 Harmonia.jpg




Neu albumcover.jpg

Neu2 albumcover.jpg

Neu75 albumcover.jpg


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Flammende Herzen cover.jpg

Sterntaler cover.jpg

Katzenmusik cover.jpg

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