Thursday, July 21, 2016


Leonard was a little late getting into computers and emails.  I don't blame him.
He liked snail-mailing out packages of unpublished poems as gifts.  Like I've said,
I have bunches of the stuff, all collected into various school report binders.
He also loved sending out unbound collections of poems printed
on nice cardstock, like little theoretical chapbooks.
Some of these poems ended up being published in "official" collections,
but nowhere near all of them.
Once he started using computers, he started sending out attachments
filled with poems.  They were still always awesome to receive,
but some of the magic was gone.
A couple years ago, I formatted all the email poems he'd ever sent me
and printed them up in book form, so now they're much easier to
go through whenever I want to check out that period
of Leonard's career.  I was very happy with
how the cover came out, I hope he
would have liked it.

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