Monday, July 25, 2016


Scooped it off of Amazon, many thanks to Wayne F Burke:

cold poems, cruel even--"good riddance to the overdoses"--always January, sun silver and "never quite rising" "clouds never quite/parting"; a grey anywhere "cold all the time"--white sky, dead ends, barbed wire necklaces, "streets circl(ing) back on themselves," wind whipped, "plastic bags caught in bare trees"...Think de Chirico, think Alberto Burri--"the shimmering edges/of memory"--Charles Burchfield frozen lanes; dirty snow, dead leaves, rusted shopping carts, and ten below: a Detroit of the soul; wolves, crows, broken windows, houses deserted, "ice-cold sunlight" on dirty sidewalks...Sweet takes the measure of "an empire in slow decline"--in an "age of/crippled kings...looking for enemies who need/to be killed." Bleak and powerful--"whatever light you choose to/follow only/makes you blind"--the vision of LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN; wry bark and bite of Alan Dugan...Language stripped to the bone: poems like attractive skeletons. A work of beauty, terrible and terrific in its passion... Raw poems for a raw "age of assassination...the color of blood."

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