Thursday, July 07, 2016


2 from an electronic 'zine called MILLER'S POND, c. 2002.....


when the baby is

when the sun has no
strength left
and the sky is a
silver smear holding these
houses to the ground

will you read what
i've written and

will you believe in objects
that cast no shadows?

it's not blood i ask for
only faith

only for your hands to
put down their weapons
and for your heart
to unlock itself

there will always be
other days filled with
nothing but time
to grieve


landscape with blurred figure

this picture not of you
but of the
sky that surrounds you

of the shadow
you almost cast
of the smile that isn't there
and i have forgotten the
specifics of this day

have lived through it
a thousand times over with
my eyes closed in the
room of empty chairs until
all meaning is lost

until our words are
distorted and
buried beneath the sounds
of approaching trains and
nothing remains but

brown grass
and bare trees
and every empty space
i have ever called

a hand caught in the act
of reaching out or
pushing away

all of our failed attempts
at grace
captured effortlessly in
this one simple gesture

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