Saturday, July 23, 2016

w/ the sun in our hearts

never learned how to bleed
                             very well
and so the windows were smeared and the walls
covered with dull brown hand prints

and i kept trying to apologize but
everything out of my mouth was either a
scream of pain or a self-pitying whine

and this woman i know in the other room with
her saffron-colored thoughts and her
boyfriend with his skull caved in
and his head full of rust

the two of them drilling tiny holes through
tiny bones to let the light shine more brightly

the wolves all waiting at the
forest’s edge for the weakest children

monday and then tuesday and these
strangers at my door with their insincere smiles,
their pressed white shirts, black ties, and
what they want to sell me is a piece
of their god

all they want in return is my soul

fucking vampires

assholes with their t-shirt philosophies with
their bumper sticker theologies
just waiting to rape your mind and then
rain gets in the basement and the
missing girls are found

ten years lost behind locked doors and now
one of them a mother and this is
where the idea of evolution begins to fall apart

we are all too busy wading through shit
to worry about ever living on the moon

we are starving and we are blind and
we are hoping everyone else is too

we are willing to kill our heroes
just to bring them down to our level

such simple basic joys of
ignorant hatred and mindless fear

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